We believe that the Human Body is wondrous in its ability to take care of itself and we need to nourish and nurture what it needs to do so. Our minds, thoughts and actions deeply impact our wellbeing. We are guided by the ancient concept of Aadi and Vyaadhi in our inspirations for our wellness offerings.

In these days of demanding work and personal lives, we forget to nourish and love our bodies. We want to present Training sessions we do for Organisations /Corporates /Institutions and others, where we take Wellness sessions covering all aspects such as mind-body-soul self care during a workday, simple techniques which can be practiced at your desks / workstations to keep yourself refreshed and healthier.

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The Indian Summer

Our own line of products Designed for Wellness and Happiness.

Here you will find the vast depth and breadth of India, its precious tropical and mountainous bounty and treasures crafted into products which mindfully marry the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga with functionality and beauty to blend seamlessly into our modern lives.

We don’t sell any products that we ourselves don’t proudly use.