Our Current Retail Outlets

  • The IIM Ahmedabad Store

    Anant Inc., E-1303, Savvy Swaraj Phase 2
    Near Godrej Garden City – Gota
    Ahmedabad – 382481

  • Money Woney

    Money Woney
    302, Starlit Tower, Yashwant Niwas Road
    Lantern Road, Indore - 452010

  • The Indian Summer

    Anant Inc., Flat 52, Building 30
    HIG Colony, KC Road
    Bandra West, Mumbai – 400050

A Souvenir Store at IIMA had been
attempted several times to little success

  • We, as Alumni, put our minds together to produce a feasible workable solution
  • Customer Understanding and Customer Centricity is at the core of our Design Strategy and Retail Offerings
  • As a result of this, we have two outlets now within The IIM Ahmedabad – both at the heritage Campus and the New Campus
  • We are synonymous with Quality and Global Standards
  • Our products are designed and curated thoughtfully with integrity and joy
  • As we learnt from our customers gradually over the years, all our efforts are aimed at delivering Joy and therefore Wellness
  • Our range of offerings are now expanding into the wellness and Yoga segment and we are excited about this new chapter in our journey

Our work…


…While remaining functional


We have always sought a balance of practicality & aspiration in our products while maintaining quality & cost consciousness

We are not afraid of experimenting with different materials

Our products are designed to seamlessly blend into the lives of our target audiences

Our Range of products covers the gamut of needs a professional or aspiring professional would need from his Alma Mater.

Designed to be head and shoulders above others in the same field.

Designed & Curated to Deliver Not only products but an Experience – a slice of the greatness of the Institution you are in.


We make and run the Coolest Stores!
What is on offer at our stores?

You may envisage following benefits setting up the store through us -

High Quality and beautifully designed Products

Exclusive, high quality branded products as Souvenirs / memorabilia resonating with the image of the Institute, which people would love to take back with them as memories of their time at Campus, proudly associate with and gift to near and dear ones expressing their love for the Institute.

Involvement and community culture so the entire community feels empowered, involved and motivated – its OUR store, OUR brand

One Stop shop for several associated services

Serve as a venue for cultural fests, academic events, book launches, poetry readings, etc

One stop shop for all the needs of the community

Online Content Destination

Dedicated website, You tube channels, viewpoints of eminent members, Social Media Sites, Blogs, General articles, Loyalty Club, New product Requests, etc.

Seamless experience across touch points to ensure brand doesn’t falter in key contexts

LOUNGE : A place to Relax, Gather, mingle…

Meet, discuss, grab a cup of tea, use the free Wi-Fi zone in and around the store
Wait for your cab/visitor, host visitors
Venue for small scale events - Launches will be conducted here, talks hosted, Book signings, etc
Interact with marquee personalities : meet them/learn more about them
Reading area – Library with related reference books & Titles
Concierge services and cab services for important visitors

Product Range

Our Products are segmented according to different consumer groups
We plan our Product Calendar as per Academic and Seasonal Events
We are constantly adding to and refreshing our product lines

Our Differentiators

Agility & Vitality – Brand Energisers

Key Design elements

  • High Quality & Aesthetic
  • Proud & Aspirational
  • Functional & Practical
  • Fresh & Dynamic
  • Contemporary
  • Culturally in sync
  • Responsive and Predictive
  • Agile & Responsible